Time: 2015-05-20

Hat Terms

In order to be a conscientious headwear consumer (okay, and to just understand what the heck you're buying here), you should bone up on your Hat terms. Better known as Anatomy of a Hat, this glossary will give you the rundown on all the parts that come together to form the perfect baseball hat, our most popular style.

Also known as the visor or bill, the brim is your friend that protects your face from the sun. It's most often made of PVC plastic, sewn inside the fabric (canvas, cotton, wool, and what-have-you, and keeps its curve even after it's been washed. In some of our LIDS styles, we offer a new, pre-curved plastic visor.

This is the liner inside the hat that gives it structure and form. Our "relaxed" or "low profile" hats have no buckram, so the cap is softer and more relaxed.

Right at the top of the hat, keeping' it together, man. The button holds all the panels together.

From the Latin closurum lidum (okay, we're pulling your leg here), closures mean exactly what they say: They close your hat in the back. Our fitted hats are just sewn up in back, while our adjustable hats have a variety of closures made most often out of Velcro, plastic, hook-and-loop, fabric snaps, elastic bands, or leather straps.

The fancy sewn-in stuff that decorates your hat. The embroidery is most often raised, and most often sewn into the front and back of a hat, with your favorite team logos, brands, and team names.

The little holes in each panel that allow your hat (and your head) to breathe (yes, hats must breathe, too). Most hats have eyelets, made of either metal or just reinforced stitching.

The six or eight different pieces, sewn together, that make the cap of your hat.

The thread along the seams of each panel; it can be either a contrasting color or a matching color to your hat.

Only found on some hats, not all, the sweatband runs just along the inside and insures that sweat doesn't run down your face!

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